Two Captains Double IPA

Nøgne Ø

11.0% abv

Poured from the bottle a very hazy orange with a red blush topped with a brief head of off-white foam. A massive aroma of potent resinous hops jump forth, bitter grapefruit, blood orange marmalade a good waft of rubbing alcohol is calmed down by a sugary syrup edge. Big bitter […click the heading to read more]


Southern Tier Brewing Co


11.0% abv

This text review isn’t going to be long. This beer is my 100th video review and I’d love it if you took 8-9mins out of your day to watch it. A text review cannot don this beer too much justice…Southern Tier Choklat is more about a pure […click the heading to read more]

Bearded Lady – Imperial Brown Stout

Magic Rock Brewing

10.5% abv

After pouring from the beautifully adorned bottle I was treated to a dark brown beer with the creamist brown head I’ve seen in ages. Deep roasted malts lead the way, coffee, a hint of milk chocolate, port, and a waft of nostril-tingling alocohol at the back end.

In the […click the heading to read more]

Imperial Brown Stout

Kernel Brewery

10.1% abv I’m laying my cards on the table from the off…this is the best beer that was brewed in the UK in 2011. Right I’ve got that off my chest. It is simply divine. To give this beer brewed at the amazing Kernel Brewery in London it’s full name Imperial Brown […click the heading to read more]

Christmas Porter


6.2% abv

This seasonal porter is flavoured with chilli, cacoa nibs and festive spices. A black beer with a fizz of dark tan head. Aroma is of very dry tobacco, dry wood bark, freshly ground coffee, charcol, a certain strange berry sweetness and a spice quality that must be the chilli? After sticking […click the heading to read more]

Past Masters Double Stout


7.4 abv

Fullers are a rare breed in brewing, a large brewery with a long and respected heritage that the Modern day beer-geek still loves and respects. This is down to how they conduct themselves within the British craft beer world. Fullers have a keen eye of quality, an extensive barrel-ageing program and […click the heading to read more]

Dim Sum – a beer made especially for Asian food


5.0% abv

Dim Sum from Mikkeller – a beer made especially for Asian food with coriander and Lemongrass.

Tsar – Imperial Russian Stout

Buxton Brewery

Not many breweries in the UK have the talent or gusto to take on the might of Russian Imperial Stout but one of those brave breweries are Buxton Brewery in England’s Peak District. Their Tsar Imperial Russian Stout weighs in at a sizeable 9.5% abv and once in the glass is a […click the heading to read more]

Human Cannonball

Magic Rock Brewing

9.2% abv

In the glass this British brewed/ American style double IPA is a super clear looking deep amber colour and produces an impressive head of eggshell coloured foam. The nose is a beautifully sumptuous aroma of mango and apricot, an intoxicating scent. In the mouth the beer is big and […click the heading to read more]

Texas Ranger Smoked Chili Porter


Chili beers are a strange old affair and to be honest I’m not a massive fan of chili in general. I just don’t think hot food is worth the resulting pain the following morning.

I’ve had a few chili beers and Texas Ranger from Mikkeller is by far the best example of this […click the heading to read more]