Sorachi Ace

Brooklyn Brewery

7.6% abv

Me and the Sorachi Ace hop have a chequered history, I hated it when I first tried it in BrewDog’s first set of IPA is Dead beers and since then have never got on with it. It’s that odd bubblegum, synthetic strawberry and mint ice cream flavour I get from […click the heading to read more]

Barry Island IPA

Brains Craft Brewery

6.0% abv

Brewed at the brand new “Craft Brewery” at Brains Brewery in Cardiff, Barry Island IPA is brewed in collaboration with my good friend and fellow video beer reviewer Simon Martin of The Real Ale Guide on YouTube. Over the last few years Simon has established himself as one of […click the heading to read more]

Clown Juice

Magic Rock Brewing Co

7.0% abv

This hand-bottled serving of Magic Rock’s new draft only release is their brand new Belgian Wit beer influenced Clown Juice India Wit Ale. Magic Rock have taken that traditional Belgian/Dutch style beer and given it a hop-fueld enema!

The beer in the glass was pale yellow with a […click the heading to read more]

Bourbon Barrel Bearded Lady

Magic Rock Brewing

10.5% abv

Here is a video that is rather special for a number of reasons. This was the first chance to drink Magic Rock’s brand new Bourbon Barrel Bearded Lady in the UK. Their wonderful Imperial stout matured in a single use (I think that’s right?) Bourbon Barrel for 6 months.

[…click the heading to read more]


Sixpoint Craft Ales

9.1% abv

I don’t know if its those cool looking cans, the idea of tasty hop-forwards beers or the buzz online that made me so eager to try some beers from Sixpoint Craft Ales.

When a friend recently took a trip to New York I asked if he’d bring me back […click the heading to read more]

Goliat – Imperial Stout with Coffee (colab review with The Master of Hoppets)

To Øl

This video review was with Peter “The Master of Hoppets”, a Beeruber from Denmark currently studying in New Mexico, USA.

So here you have a guy from Denmark in the US drinking a beer from Denmark with a guy in Yorkshire…truly an international beer review. Peter is one of the most well-known […click the heading to read more]

Six Hop Ale

Dark Star Brewery

The Sparrow … On Tap is a regular (weekly I hope) feature. The Sparrow is a great beer bar in Bradford, I work in Bradford and love to visit this fabulous bar. They offer a great range of beers and in The Sparrow … On Tap I will highlight […click the heading to read more]


Hawkshead Brewery

6.0% abv

These bottles were given to me by one of the nicest people in brewing Matt Clarke the Head Brewer at Hawkshead Brewery. They’ve had a storied life, travelling to Manchester, getting on the wrong bus, walking through a dubious housing estate in the rain (it always rains in Manchester), back […click the heading to read more]

Magic 8 ball Black IPA

Magic Rock Brewing

7.0% abv

This is a review of two halves. The bottle in the video was super fresh, had only been back at the brewery 3 days before I recorded that that review. I’m now drinking another bottle from the same batch about 3-4 weeks later.I’ll be interested (and hope you […click the heading to read more]

Two Captains Double IPA

Nøgne Ø

11.0% abv

Poured from the bottle a very hazy orange with a red blush topped with a brief head of off-white foam. A massive aroma of potent resinous hops jump forth, bitter grapefruit, blood orange marmalade a good waft of rubbing alcohol is calmed down by a sugary syrup edge. Big bitter […click the heading to read more]