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Marble Arch Inn

Reviewed by RD & MT

Both us HopZiners (Rob and Matt) had been waiting for this day for months. Two of our favorite past times brought together over a weekend in November…Fighting and Drinking. I’m not a fighter so to speak but we are both certainly drinkers. UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) were in town for the big live event at the Manchester Evening News Arena. And as we were in town for the weekend it would be crazy to not visit the great Brewpub The Marble Arch and sample some of those incredible Marble Beers. We have both had a few bottles in the past and I visit every time my wife and me venture across the Pennines. But this was a first for Matt and a first since HopZine had started.
We made our way across the slippery rain soaked streets of Manchester (when is it not raining in Manchester?) to the Marble Arch’s off the beaten track, industrial setting. We arrived bang on 12 o’clock to find the doors closed but a few fellow beer enthusiasts waiting around. This made me feel better as it wasn’t just us waiting outside a boozer to open its doors on Friday lunchtime. Matt took this opportunity to snap some exterior shots of the lovely Victorian building and Brewery signs.
ten minutes later the doors where flung open and we escaped the blustery streets into the welcoming interior of the pub.

We ordered two beef and onion sandwiches and two halves each. As we sat down AC/DC’s “Whole Lotta Rosie” blasted out of the jukebox, a good start! I’d gone for a half of Marble’s JP Best and Chocolate stout and Matt a Marble Ginger and the much-heralded Dobber. As all self respecting beer bloggers, we tweeted with joy the fact we were sat in the Marble Arch tucking into some fine ales. This resulted in threats of physical violence from the Reluctant Scooper due to our impending consumption of his beloved Dobber.

Marble-barrelsOn to the beers…
Marble Ginger 4.5 ABV (MT)
On the nose it was reminiscent of Jamaican ginger cake and the ginger continued strongly into the taste. Matt was eyeing up the cider apple and plum pancakes with Fig ice cream as a suitable accompaniment.

JP Best 4.3 ABV (RD)
The star of the visit! Dry herbal and hoppy. The sharp bitterness falls away quickly with a crisp citrus finish. Kind of reminded me of a good quality English IPA. Lovely stuff!

Dobber 5.9 ABV (MT)
Dobber is a big, tough ale (in MMA terms it would be Don Frye) Rough, bold and ready for the fight! A sweet strong pale ale, maybe an ESB? Bags of sweet malt. A bold hoppy aftertaste stomps in makes you remember it.

Chocolate Stout 5.5 ABV (RD)
I’ve had this stout before out of a bottle and feared I’d left it in the fridge a bit too long and temperature had striped it of some of its flavours. Mouthfeel is a little thin for my liking but it is a decent stout. Bitter dark chocolate but not creamy, very much like the sharp bitterness of a dry coca covered truffle. It was a great match along with the rich, sweet beef and onion sandwich with chunky chips that had arrived by this point.

After lunch we continued to work our way through the draft ales.

Marble-barManchester Bitter 4.2 ABV (MT)
This golden ale had a big fruity aroma and taste, passion fruit? Um bongo… Flavours of grape peel/skin and lots of citric hops.

Pint 3.9 ABV (RD)
Outstanding! Much better than I remember. An earthy, smooth pale ale. In many ways it reminded me of Port Grumpy’s pale ale with recently featured in the Weatherspoons Beer Festival. I want to revisit and have more of this.

We then grabbed two more “for the road” (A Milestone and a Pictish) and then headed off to the pending evenings entertainment.

Next time we met up after this outing Matt was raring to head back over and quaff more of those Marble delights. It’s a fantastic pub and they serve some incredible ale, no doubt HopZine will be making a repeat visit some time soon.

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  • hopzine

    JP Best I think just edged in front of the others but this is an outstanding range of beers really. I'd like to rate Tawny no.3 alongside the others, so a return trip is on the cards.
    Also, I was really surprised by "Pint" not really the most exubarent name but it was really tasty! I suppose this shows how Marble like to set the bar for their range of beers.

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