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A HopZine roundtable

Designed by Richard from

I’m guilty as the next beer geek for hoarding bottles of fine and rare beer. One thing my cupboard lacks is sessions ales but has an abundance of Imperial Stouts, Barleywines and Belgian Quads. So when Andy Mogg and Mark Dredge proposed the idea of Open it! I signed up immediately. This was just what I needed, encouragement to stop messing around and drink some of those special beers that had begun to gather dust at the back of the cupboard.

So I bought some strong cheddar, invited round a few friends and pulled out a foursome of alcoholic excellence.

On the menu was:

Dog Schwarz by the Flying Dog Brewery, a smoked double lager that stood at a sturdy 7.8.?% abv. Another big hoppy delight from West Coast maestros Green Flash, their 10.8% abv Barlywine style ale. The offering from one of my favourite brewers, Mikkeller came in the form of a barrel-aged version of his Texas Ranger chipotle chili porter at 6.6% abv. And finally a mix of 12 hops, 12 malts and at a heady 12% Schmaltz brewery’s 12 Anniversary beer – Hebrew Jewbelation 12.

So HopZine’s Co-editor Matt, our friend Martin (@mbell739 on twitter) and assorted WAGS met at HopZine HQ for a enjoyable evening of chat, cheese and beer accompanied by a Beer themed Spotify playlist.

Here is video evidence of our thoughts and findings. Enjoy and Open it!

Thanks to Richard from myBrewerytap for designing the logo.

4 comments to Open it!

  • Excellent video, good to puts faces to twitter names and see some drinking going on!

    Looks like you all had a great evening.

    • hopzine

      It was a grand old evening.
      We even had a bear related soundtrack.
      This was my favourite, it even name checks some great craft brews…Stone's Arrogant Bastard, Lagunitas, Chimey, Lost Abbby, Bear Republic Racer 5 and appears to have been filmed at the Odell Brewery!

      "You like hanging on Twitter and we like Beer!"

  • Very good – very slick mate! I like DogSchwarz a lot. Looks like another great evening, and I like the 'Openit Roundtable' as opposed to solo drinking. Might have to nick that idea next time!

    • hopzine

      So you'd prefer to see less of me and lots more of everyone apart from me, thanks Leigh 😉
      I'm sure me and Matt will be doing a few more video reviews together in the future.
      The edit is a bit rough due to YouTube not letting me upload video of over 10 mins, I had to take the axe to the recording.

      I'm now using my iPhone 4 and the quality of picture and sounds is much better and we are in HD, OH YEAH!

      The beers were all amazing.

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