XS American Pale Ale

Roosters Brewing Co.

5.5% ABV

Reviewed by RD

Appearance: Hazy golden orange that becomes more pale as the glass tapered. The head was impressive and unrelenting with mounds of pillowing while foam.

Aroma: As I opened the bottle lots of “smoke” streamed out along with it a wonderful aroma of lemon juice, fresh oranges, sweet fresh pine, orange zest a hint of gooseberries. So amazingly fresh and juicy. This really dose smell like freshly squeezed orange juice. A touch floral, a very impressive start!

American Pale Ales don't get much better than this!

Taste: So incredibly drinkable, orange juice, peach, a pinch of sherbet, a perfect level of bitterness that taste of grapefruit and pineapple. Drinks just like an APA should thirst quenching, very palatable but never backing off from giving you lots of flavor. The end is of pithy orange bitterness and soothing pale malt that linger just long enough.

Overall Experience: As I typed up these notes I was sitting at my PC and relaying my excitement to the peeps on twitter. This really was an exceptional beer. I love APA, from a good pale ale you can get all the hops you want but at respectable abv without sacrificing the flavour. This beer delivered in spades, loads of zesty, juicy citrus hops extremely well balanced and so, so drinkable!
It was brewed in very small amounts so I’m sure that plays into the experience of enjoying this. It smells amazing, it tastes incredible and its super rare. Westy 12 is number 1 because its hard to get, Pliny the younger is number 2 because its hard to get, but this beer is really, really good and even harder to get…so hard that its all gone. I feel very fortunate to have experienced this brilliantly crafted ale a real landmark beer.
I drank this during the first week of the New Year and I hope I remember how great this was by the end of 2011 because this is already a Beer of the Year contender.

Head over to The Good Stuff and see what Leigh thought of this and the entire range of three that Roosters produced.

2 comments to XS American Pale Ale

  • The Beer Prole

    I had my bottle on Sunday night and absolutely loved it. I've got the other two to try and then I'll write them up. I'm beginning to suspect West Yorkshire beer bloggers bought the whole lot!

  • Thanks for the kind words about the beer and Sam. I've sent him an email. He's in Smithers BC at present up to his ears in snow. It would be wrong of me to rattle on about Sams beer but I think your description of the XS is spot on. Thanks very much.

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