Magic 8 ball Black IPA

Magic Rock Brewing

7.0% abv

This is a review of two halves. The bottle in the video was super fresh, had only been back at the brewery 3 days before I recorded that that review. I’m now drinking another bottle from the same batch about 3-4 weeks later.I’ll be interested (and hope you will two) to see if and what is different between these two separate experiences of the same beer.In the glass this Black IPA was as you’d hope…BLACK! A devilish looking beer with a creamy head of deep beige foam.

This time the aroma is much more subdued than my first time a looked into the Magic 8 Ball, gone are those smokey bacon smells and hints of burnt rubber. Now I get smooth milk chocolate, mild hop spice and a hint of tar. Clearly the intense late/dry hop aromas has calmed down but a hint a pine remains. I really don’t mind it but its now smelling a bit more like a hopped-up milk stout that has been poured over an evergreen tree. As it warmed up a slight smokey edge reappeared.

Once in the mouth I’m reminded that this is a Black IPA. Initially smooth and silky but then the combined bitterness of dark malts and hops appear. Tastes of blueberry, espresso, resinous pine and a pleasing amount of sweetness. The mouthfeel is beautifully silky and slides down ending on an aftertaste of black coffee and pithy grapefruitand a tingle of bitterness that danced on my tongue.

This beer is absolutely fascinating for me, I’ve read, watched and talked about various people’s experience of Magic 8 Ball. Some people had a similar experience to me but others spoke about how full of typical citrus taste and aromas this was. Is it because my bottles came from a different part of the pallet or was it more a personal physical experience that differed.
Regardless, its a cracking beer that once again displays the breadth of the style.

Big thanks to Richard at Magic Rock for giving me bottle of this to try.

For more info about Magic Rock and to buy their beers visit their website and “Taste the Magic”!

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