Hawkshead Brewery

6.0% abv

These bottles were given to me by one of the nicest people in brewing Matt Clarke the Head Brewer at Hawkshead Brewery. They’ve had a storied life, travelling to Manchester, getting on the wrong bus, walking through a dubious housing estate in the rain (it always rains in Manchester), back to Staverley, then finally heading to Shipley in the back on my friend’s car. So this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the generosity of Matt and Martin, Thank you chaps.

This bottle of NZPA (hopped with Motueka, Green Bullet, Nelson Sauvin and Riwaka) was hand-bottled and is the first of a range of small runs of limited edition beers coming out of Hawkshead Brewery.

Once I poured it into a glass I was greeted but a slightly hazy yellowish orange beer with a majestic head of pillowing white foam.

Wonderful aromas leap from the glass, the smell of fresh orange, fleshy mango, evergreen pine, pineapple, pithy orange and mild resin. An amazing bouquet of freshly chopped tropical fruits, it smelt incredible.

The taste continues where the aromas left off, pithy orange, lemon peel, sweet pine, a fragrant if slightly perfumed lemon juice that leads to a lingering bitterness of lemon peel and dry citrus pith. The body is soft and kind of froths up in the mouth.

An incredible beer! Since I drank the first bottle on the video I think it’s lost any green hop astringency and blossomed into a delicate and sumptuous beer. I can’t wait to see the rest of this range.

Click here to find out loads more about Hawkshead by visiting their website and buy the permanent range of their bottled beers (but not this one, sorry)


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