Goliat – Imperial Stout with Coffee (colab review with The Master of Hoppets)

To Øl

This video review was with Peter “The Master of Hoppets”, a Beeruber from Denmark currently studying in New Mexico, USA.

So here you have a guy from Denmark in the US drinking a beer from Denmark with a guy in Yorkshire…truly an international beer review. Peter is one of the most well-known beer reviewers on Youtube and was recently voted as the people’s second favourite Beertuber.

Goliat Imperial Stout brewed with coffee by two brewers (Tobias Emil Jensen and Tore Gynther) known collectively as To Øl are two former students of Mikkel Borg Bjergsø (Mikkeller)…yes Mikkel used to be a teacher. This stout pours black as night with a great looking mid-brown head like the frothy top of hop chocolate.

Once I stuck my nose in the general direction of this devilish stout I was greeted by a epic waft of heavy roasted coffee with a earthy tone. Loads of dark chocolate, a salty hint of soya sauce…full and rich, a beer I could sniff all day.

The taste of this beer is immense, big on the espresso coffee, dark chocolate but with a good amount of brown sugar sweetness. Just before the aftertaste I got a juicy taste, kind of like cola and concentrated orange full and roasted. The aftertaste has a nice amount of blackcurrant, raisins but mostly a lingering coffee flavour that is absolutely divine! It has a thick velvety body that slides down and at 10.1% abv its ruinously drinkable!

This beer is that damn good, Dark Lord, Parabola, Abyss…To Øl are knocking on your door and they’ve brought a GIANT with them!


Check Out Peter’s YouTube Channel here…




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