Sixpoint Craft Ales

9.1% abv

I don’t know if its those cool looking cans, the idea of tasty hop-forwards beers or the buzz online that made me so eager to try some beers from Sixpoint Craft Ales.

When a friend recently took a trip to New York I asked if he’d bring me back a can of Sixpoint’s latest release Resin. Click here to see the promo video for resin featuring the brewer’s founder Shane Welch.

Yellowish copper beer with an apricot coloured hue to the tight foamy white head.

Aroma is all about freshly peeled Jaffa oranges, tart kiwi fruit baking apples, peach, sweet pine like the stone of a mango a hint of nail polish or is it pear drop boiled sweets. Not massive but very enjoyable scent.

The flavour is initially juicy orange before moving on to notes of cantaloupe melon, sweet grapefruit, earthy fresh pears, burnt edge of marmalade on slightly burnt wholemeal toast and ending on a lingering bitterness of orange that has the dryness of pith and the acidic zip of plump orange peel with flavours of concentrated grapefruit juice ruinously drinkable at 9.1% you’d never guess it was that strong.

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