EBBC 2012: My highlights – Day 1

European Beer Bloggers Confrence 2012: Leeds

A really fun start to the European Beer Bloggers Confrence in Leeds was highlights by a some fantatic events. Personally I really Enjoyed the tasting session with Spiegelau . Representatives from the glassware manufactorers treated us to a tasting panel of 4 beers Camden Town Brewery‘s Wheat, Krombacher, Lotus IPA and Stout Mary from local favourite Ilkley Brewery. It was really interesting trying all the various beers in suitable and less than suitable beer glasses.

The main thing I took away from it was that using the correct glass (and a very high quality one at the that) really can make a difference to the experience of drinking a beer…and also that the average pint glass is a bit rubbish and doesn’t do many beers justice. We walked away with a lovely set of glasses but they are so fine and lovely I think they will last about two washes before one gets broken in the sink.

After a meal courtesy of Molson Coors and great beers from Sharps Brewery but I’m still not sure about the crazy 23%abv Turbo Yeast IV, it tasted like a beef cough medicine that had been aged in an old biscuit tin came…The Night of International Beers The room was circled by tables of bottled beers from Poland, Netherlands, Italy and few more my tired brain cannot remember. I managed to record a few videos reviews with a few delegates including Phil from BeerSay and Simon from the Real Ale Guide. The beers I remember enjoying were Mohawk brewering’s Unfiltered Pilsner (nicely hopped modern lager), Emelisse‘s Imperial Russian Stout, Birra Del Borgo‘s Equilbrista (crazy geueze-esque beer) and a couple of tasty Dutch beers from Jopen and Brouwerij ‘T IJ. Brouwerij’T IJ’s new branding was rather cool and so different I didn’t even realise it was the same brewery that usually uses a picture of an ostrich on their labels.


All in all a very fun day, only drawback being I’m going to start day Two after inly 4 hours sleep and a stonking hangover.

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