EBBC 2012: Live blogging session

European Beer Bloggers Confrence 2012: Leeds

Beer 1: Leeds Brewery Hellfire (bottle)- The nose is a bit heavy on British hops for me. Rather malty and a hint of a a little something I’m not crazy about. Easy drinking and a very clean flavour once again a bit heavy on those earthy/spicy hops. Nice lemon rind bitterness and a lingering perfumed bitterness. I think it is rather suitable for it’s intended Market of younger people, kinda lager-esque
Beer 2: Otley Brewing Co Oxymoron (cask) – Lovely example of a Black IPA, loads of lemon,resin/solvents (but in a good way) rich caramel and bitter chocolate. A beer a could smell all day. Very well balanced hoppy as hell and easy drinking considering it’s powerful flavours.
Beer 3: Brains Dark (bottle) – Smells like Rolos, liquorice and murray mints. Solid dark mild with rich dark caramel but of bitterness at the back end. A bit like a keg beer in a bottle.
Beer 4: Marble Early Grey IPA (bottle) – Smells great, like you’d expect from Marble, loads of soft tropical fruit. Some of that Earl Grey comes through in the aroma too. Blooming lovely, hitting the marks for me. I think the addition of the tea smooths it out nicely. Excellent stuff!
Beer 5: Roosters Brewery Baby Faced Assassin (cask) – Incredible nose of Citra hops loads of lemon juice, lime peel and unripe pineapple. Wonderful amount of body, zesty citrus flavours that dance on the tongue.
Beer 6: Great Heck Stormin’ Normin’ (cask) – Very much a European nose, spicy and dry hay. Tomahawk shines, but I’m not a big fan of that hop. Taste is much more appealing that the aroma, a hint of dandelion, buttercup syrup, lemon and loads. It grew on me and Denzil is a character.
Beer 7: Slater’s Top Totty (bottle) Ha! That notorious label! Aroma…hmmm? Not a fan. Taste is better than the nose. Citrus
Beer 8: Camden Town Brewery Hells (bottle) – I bloody love it! Lemongrass, lemon curd, clean, crisp. Carbonation is a bit of a stinger but that because of the bottling wasn’t ideal on the brewery’s confession. Perfect summer beer. Please make it available in those cool bottles too!
Beer 9: Adnams Ghost Ship (bottle) – One of the early beers of the Citra invasion of the UK brewing scene. The bottle is a bit bland in comparison of my memories of the cask. The nose is a bit bland and traditional considering the late hopping with Citra. It is a rather nice bottle of beer but a bit of an under-performer. A good addition to their permanent range as it stands out.
Beer 10: Innis & Gunn Scottish Pale Ale : Before I taste this beer I’ll admit I’m not a fan of this “brewery”…but I’ll give them a fair shake. Nose, strange… Like liquid Murray mints, antiseptic. Taste is Ok but I’d not really want another any time soon.


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