Bourbon Barrel Bearded Lady

Magic Rock Brewing

10.5% abv

Here is a video that is rather special for a number of reasons. This was the first chance to drink Magic Rock’s brand new Bourbon Barrel Bearded Lady in the UK. Their wonderful Imperial stout matured in a single use (I think that’s right?) Bourbon Barrel for 6 months.

For this video review I was joined by an old friend from the UK beer blogging scene, Baron Orm from The Ormskirk Baron blog.

Bearded Lady is a wonderful beer and click here to read my review of that. As for the difference between that and this barrel-aged version I think it added a wonderful smoothness of luxurious vanilla, very easy drinking for it’s lofty abv, sweet caramel, cinder toffee and a very pleasant amount of bourbon. I think this is a perfect example of how a barrel-aged beer should be, you could taste the influence of the spirit barrel but isn’t overwhelmed by it.

I absolutely loved it!



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  • Thanks for the great review boys, really pleased you enjoyed the beer. I’m currently trying to source some more casks for more beers but it’s proving surprisingly difficult!

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