Clown Juice

Magic Rock Brewing Co

7.0% abv

This hand-bottled serving of Magic Rock’s new draft only release is their brand new Belgian Wit beer influenced Clown Juice India Wit Ale. Magic Rock have taken that traditional Belgian/Dutch style beer and given it a hop-fueld enema!

The beer in the glass was pale yellow with a thin head of pure white froth and emits an expected waft of coriander/parsley, cloves, lemon curd and then the brake are taken off and the hops rush in! A big punch of citrus peel, lemon juice and mild pine like a new car.

Once I took a gobful of Clown Juice I was treated to an initial authentic Belgian Wit style beer but then just like on the aroma this goes from a mild-mannered 30 mph to a reckless 120 mph in a built-up area. The inclusion of Citra hops was a perfect choice as it heightens that sharp lemon juice but is then softened by the yeasty esters to a lemon sherbet and sweetened by the malts to lemon curd. Citrus zest and juicy fresh pith add a tart and a bit of assertive zip. Uber drinkable for 7% abv, a good amount of body and before I knew it the bottle was empty.

The only drawback of Magic Rock Clown Juice is that I’ve drank my bottle and now I need to rush to my local craft beer bar and drink some more.


Thanks to Richard at Magic Rock for giving me the exclusive bottle to review. You can find Clown Juice on keg at all the best craft beer bars across the UK and even in Sweden too.

Visit their website and taste the magic!

3 comments to Clown Juice

  • Gazza

    Citra don’t taste of lemon, more sweet tropical fruit…. mango and suchlike.

    • hopzine

      For me it really depends one what other ingrediants are used with citra and how much is used. In Sierra Nevada Torpedo it agree its more concenrated mango but that beer it also rather sweet with a good amount of cystal malt. On the other hand I've found a lot of lemon flavours in single hop citra beers from Malllinsons, Brodies and Kernel. For me if its heavier on the munich or crystal it brings out more rounded sweet flavours but if its all pale malt like golden promise its a bit more on the lemon end of things.
      When I've brewed with it I've always used it in large amounts late on with a good amount of munich and caramalt as I've wanted that fruit bowl type flavour.

  • leighgoodstuff

    Need to get some of this! ps…I agree re the lemony edge in single-hopped citra offerings – the examples you use in Oakham (my personal favourite) and Mallinson's especially. The crystal malt point you make is a good one.

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