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  • Golden Pints 2012

    Rob’s Winners are…


    Best UK Draught (Cask or Keg) Beer:

    Winner: Magic Rock – Cannonball (keg)

    Runner up: Wild Beer Co – Scarlet Fever, Magic Rock – High Wire NZ

    Best UK Bottled or Canned Beer:

    Winner – Kernel Export Stout 1890

    Runner up: Brodies Big MoFo Stout, Oakham Green Devil IPA, Kernel Pale Ale Motueka CCC

    Best Overseas Draught Beer:

    Winner: Stone Brewing Co – 16th Anniversary IPA

    Runner up: Brooklyn Sorachi Ace

    Best Overseas Bottle/can Beer:

    The Alchemist – Heady Topper

    Runner up: Firestone Walker – Double Jack, To Øl First Frontier and Goliat, Anchorage Galaxy White IPA,

    Best Overall Beer: Magic Rock Cannonball

    Best Pumpclip or Label: To Øl – Snowball Saison

    Best UK Brewery:
    Winner: (tie) Kernel Brewery and Magic Rock Brewing Co

    Honourable mentions: Brodies, Thornbridge, Mallinsons

    Best Overseas Brewery: Winner: To Øl

    Pub/Bar of the Year:
    Winner: The Sparrow (Bradford)

    Runner up: The Grove (Huddersfield), BrewDog (Manchester), Friends of Ham (Leeds), Port Street Beer House (Manchester)

    Independent Retailer of the Year: Beer Ritz

    Online Retailer of the Year:
    Winner: (tie) Beermerchants, Ales by Mail, Beer Ritz, Beers of Europe

    Best Beer Blog or Website:
    YouTube – Master of Hoppets, Real Ale Guide, TUVAR, San Diego Beer Vlog

    Best Beer Festival:
    Indy Man Beer Con

    Best Beer Twitterer:


    In 2013 I’d Most Like To… Brew better homebrew and do more on location blogging

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