IPA is Dead 2013



IPA is Dead? From these example it’s a bit wounded.

Earlier this week I headed over to the Brewdog bar in Leeds to sample thier latest range of single hop IPAs, IPA is Dead 2013. Three of the beers were available on tap but they’d sold out of El Dorado so I bought a bottle of that one.

First up was Dana (Slovenia), Smelt very musty, like an old dishcloth, fried onions and curry powder a very savory aroma. It tasted better than it smelt but not by much. Once again this odd savory flavour, no typical hop flavour to speak of but I got a lot of cinnamon and cardamom alongside a grassy lemon taste. Not good.

Next up to the crease was Goldings (UK) This was more like it. I spotted aromas of fresh Golden Delicious apples, chi tea, nutmeg a nice aroma but rather faint. In the mouth I picked out nettles, dried orange peel, candy floss sweetness, lingering earthy lemon bitterness and  copper coins. A decent example of how you can use this common British hop in an IPA. Personally I thought Bitches Brewing’s Graduate IPA that was also all Goldings was a million miles better.

Third was Waimea (NZ) Inital aromas of Frazzle crisps and rather musty, burnt corn on the cob. Following on to the taste of lemon peel, a hint of paravoilets, musty resin and Indian spices. Similar to Dana but slightly better, regardless I won’t be rushing back to try this hop any time soon.

Finally poured from the bottle was El Dorado (USA), the barman told me this was his favourite. By this time I’d become a bit disappointed by the whole experience.  This IPA smelt of spiced orange marmalade,  apricot, dextrose. It tasted like lychee and galia melon. Somewhat of a generic juices fruit flavour. The most drinkable if forgettable. I hoped for much better.

I did a equal mix of all four into my Teku glass, it was a bit better and filled in all the holes but still that horrible musty aroma of Dana forced its way through. Not a great set of IPAs this year. I’m always interested in these sets of beers but I can’t remember being overtly impressed by any of the complete sets but usually one or two jump out.

I will continue to visit and enjoy drinking Brewdog beers at their Leeds location but these were a bit of a waste of money.


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