The Fox, Shipley opens its doors

My new local


In these times of pubs closing all the time its a welcome sight to see one opening its doors. The latest addition to the Shipley (my hometown) is The Fox, the brainchild of Salamander Brewery co-founder Chris Bee and “Brighton Bill” Bil Arnold former landlord of the multi award winning The Junction in Baildon. Shipley is a bit of a mixed bag as far as pubs go, a few nice places on the fringes but on a whole it’s a bit dicey. The Fox is a breath of fresh air.


The interior is modest yet cosy, plain white walls sporting black and white photos of the area and a row of vintage beer trays lining the brim. A dark brown bar houses six hand-pulled ales focuses mainly on local ales from the likes of Saltaire, Salamader (naturally), Old Spot and Bridgehouse. On my flying visit I plumped for a half …well actually 2 halves of Dark Star’s Indian Summer IPA and a Saltaire Cascade.The fridges are decent but in my option could a bit better populated, too many doubling up on a lot if Belgian classics. I was glad to see a few bottles of Founders All-Day IPA tucked in alongside La Choufee and Chimay.

It certainly helps when the landlord knows his stuff and has a great rappot with the locals who line the bar.  From a personal point of view I’m very happy that I can step off at Platform 2 in Shipley train station and a couple of minutes later I can be drinking quality ale on my way home from work… I say on my way home, if today is anything to go by it may take me a bit longer to make that trip up the road.

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  • leighgoodstuff

    I'm in a similar situation with Kirkstall's new pub being a stop on the way home to my house – it's great, isn't it? I can foresee you taking many detours home, mate…

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