Craft Beer Monthly

3 December, 7.30pm



Debuting on Tuesday 3rd December at 7.30pm (GMT) is a brand new live beer broadcast by Simon Martin of YouTube’s Real Ale / Craft Beer channel and me Rob from HopZine.

Live every month we will be reviewing three beers, interviewing a special guest from the wonderful world of beer and having a good old beery chat.

On our very first show we will be joined by Colin Stronge the Head Brewer at Buxton Brewery. Colin will join us at 9pm so please tune in from 7.30pm and post your questions for one of the UK’s most talented brewers.

If you’ve ever seen me or Simon before you are surely expecting some beer reviews and hectolitres of tasting notes.

The beers we are taking a look at this month are:

Sierra Nevada – Tumbler Autumnal Brown Ale

Thornbridge – Halcyon Imperial IPA

Buxton Brewery – Stronge Extra Stout


Please tune in at 3rd December 7.30pm, drink along, send in your questions and enjoy the berry waffle.

Click here to be directed to Craft Beer Monthly’s home (Real Ale / Craft Beer channel)

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