San Diego Breweries – Part one

A Hop Odyssey


Stone Brewing Co

A Disneyland for beer. We arrived at Stone before they opened and there was probably at least 40 people ahead of us in the queue. Stone World Bistro and gardens is a wonderful place. A huge brewhouse is somehow tucked away behind a high-end restaurant (sadly didn’t get to dine there) and two well-stock bars serving Stone’s ever expanding range of beers and masterfully selected guests. The thing that is the real cherry on the cake are the gardens, not only could I drink some of the very best beer in the world but in the stunning setting of their grounds. The brewery tour ended up being more of a talk and not much of a look around the facility, but I over looked that after my final taster of Stone Russian Imperial Stout post-tour. Visiting Stone was always going to be a highlight of my journey, I only wish I could have stayed longer.

Beers drank – (Post-tour samples) Levitation, IPA, Arrogant Bastard and Imperial Russian stout.

Cimmerian Portal (stout), Stochasticity Project Grapefruit Slam IPA and Stone Ruination IPA with Yuzu, Kumquats, and Red Pomelo


Not many things excited me more than the idea of visiting Alesmith. A Short car journey from White Labs to a rather non-descript corner of an industrial park we found one of the best breweries in the world. Inside it reminded me of a posh insurance brokers office…if it wasn’t for the bottling line and racks of oak barrels. Alesmith is a relativity small place considering its reputation. I didn’t record too much video footage but I couldn’t pass up a chance of reviewing the special Vietnamese coffee version of Speedway stout. Speedway is one of my favourite beers of all time and this variation was sublime. While at the brewery a had slightly embarrassing moment, Peter Zien Alesmith’s head-honcho met and shook hands with other members of our party, I was stood on the other side of a barrel/table, he turned to me, and as I stuck out my hand to press some fresh with the big boss man he turned away for me to retreat into my sample of Speedway red-faced. Thankfully my face was already scorched from strolling along the harbor the day before. For the last 20-30mins of our time at the brewery I stood and chatted to too very friendly locals talking about the local beer scene. A truly great experience.

Beers drank – Speedway Stout Vietnamese Coffee, Speedway Stout (regular), Nut Brown Ale, Old Ale, Lil Devil, Ramblin’ Rye (Cigar City collab)



Lost Abbey / Port Brewing

Personally I’ve always preferred the less lorded output of the Port Brewing arm of this brewery. Yes, I agree Lost Abbey create some wonderful and creative twists on Belgian inspired and barrel-aged beer. On the day we visited it was during the collection day for Lost Abbey’s most recent uber-rare and super pricey release named Veritas. To get your 4 bottle limit of this beer you had to order a week or two in advance and the select a day and time to come and collect your allocation at a hefty $40 per bottle. WOWZERS! Lost Abbey make some lovely beers, Red Barn Saison, Saint’s Devoltion a hopped-up brett pale ale and Serpent Stout to name a few. As with most breweries a food stall or van is often found outside and on this day we troffed down some greasily tasty grilled cheese sandwiches to soak up the sample of Grand Cru and glasses of Ryan’s first sour that he’d brought along to share with friends. Lost Abbey typifies one of the less attractive elements of American beer culture for me, over priced exclusive beers that actually aren’t all that good. But that is just my personal taste.

Beers drank – Port Brewing: Board Meeting, Mongo, Anniversary Ale, Lost Abbey: Framboise de Amarosa, Angel’s Share Grand Cru


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