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What I’ve been drinking this week…

After a brief hiatus (none of that silly Dryanuary nonsense) just been busy.


So what’s grabbed my beery attention in the last seven days.


The big one on everyone’s lips has been Thornbridge Jaipur X [1]. I managed to grab and bottle and drank in this past weekend. I liked it, all the characteristics you expect from the regular version bug with more “oomph”. The booze was evident but not as heavy as the likes of Unhuman Cannonball and Hardcore IPA can sometimes be. A really nice effort but I still can’t figure out why some American breweries can nail this style, hide the stength and deliver the favour without the heat.


The bottles I recently had from Spanish brewery Naparbier [2] have really impressed me. First I opened was their Aotearao Hoppy Pils, with was fantastic stuff, that pilsner yeast had completely cleaned it out allowing bountiful amounts of Pina Colada-like hops to really shine. Hop bitterness is all well and good but personally I love lots of hop flavour and this was up there towards the likes of Alpine’s Nelson.

The Pale Ale was along the same lines but at a slightly lower abv it seemed a bit more simple with a similar hop profile but less impact, still very good tho. Their Aker India Pale ale took everything to the next step up with more rounded malt sweetness and a more diverse hop profile. Naparbier and really one to watch this year.