Irish craft beer – My first thoughts

Bo Bristle / Kinnegar / 8 Degrees / Galway Bay


The Beer O’Clock Show podcast has a focus on the emerging Irish craft beer scene.
Over the last week I’ve drank a couple of beer from the Season 6 box from Ireland based online shop Drink Store.
So far I’ve enjoyed bottle of Bo Bristle Amber, a quaffable 4.5% session ale with a good waft of citrus laden American hops, lots of lemon pith, melon and earthiness of top soil. Really nice stuff, reminded me of the likes of Fyne Alalanche or a number of beers produced by Williams Brothers.

Besides the Beer O’Clock Show selection I added some other delights to my box and so far Kinnegar Rustbucket has been a shining star. A 5.1% Rye ale that managed to strike a great balance between hop punch and the pepper notes of rye malts. Personally I’m a bit bored of the use of rye as it’s often over used in beers and becomes a bit too rich but this was brilliantly measured and handled the specialty grain perfectly and allowed the hops to shine but also compliment the malts.

My first taste of 8 Degrees Brewing’s beer came in the form of Double Irish Imperial IPA. I found this to be along the lines of Brewdog’s Hardcore IPA but a bit more easy going, big fruity hops and musty pine. Alarmingly drinkable for its lofty 9% abv.

As I hoped Galway Bay’s Of Foam and Fury lived up to the hype, this Double IPA is the crown prince of this young beer scene and justifiably so. It’s a massive Simcoe monster, resinous and juicy this was packed to the gills with dank hop flavour and aroma without becoming too bitter.

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