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Golden Pints 2015

Best UK Cask Beer
Winner: Bad Co – Comfortably Numb

Nothing has touched the experience of tasting a fresh cask at their pub, Blind Jacks in Knarsbourgh

UK Keg Beer
Winner: Siren / B Nektar – Uncle Zester
Runner up: Magic Rock Bearded Lady Dessert

Uncle Zester is one of the most unique “beers” I’ve had in years. Bearded Lady Dessert was a revelation. I love big sweet beers and I picked up a growler of it at one of the preview nights at the new tap room at the brewery.

Best UK Bottled Beer
Winner: Cloudwater – DIPA
Runner up: Brewdog – Born to Die 27/11/15

A very close run thing, probably the best two British brewed IPAs ever. Cloudwater just piped those dandy brew punks to the post.

Best UK Canned Beer
Winner: Vocation – Life and Death IPA

Consistent, modern and blooming lovely. Not far off “Pliny good”

Best Overseas Draught
Winner: Founders – Breakfast Stout
Runner up: Amager – Todd the Axeman

Still one of my favourite beers and whenever I’ve seen it on keg I’ve attempted to bath in it.

2015 saw the beginning of a passionate love affair…with Amager Bryghus. This may not be their best but its one I’ve kept going back to (on bottle) but drinking this on keg at The Fermentoren in Copenhagen was stunning.

Best Overseas Bottled Beer
Winner: Omnipollo BA Agamemnon
Runner up: Amager Bryghus Batch 1000

I love Omnipollo’s creativity and 90% of the time they hit the mark. The barrel aged version of their Maple Imperial stout became a new top 5 beer for me. Amager’s Batch 1000 is probably the best European IPA I’ve ever had, their range of collaboration brewed IPAs are hard to beat.

Best Overseas Canned Beer
Winner: Pizza Port – Kook DIPA

Not actually had many canned beers from overseas and this it a very late addition that I only drank this past Friday. Despite being canned in late July it was bulging at its aluminum seams with bright hop flavour.

Best collaboration brew
Winner: Siren / B Nektar – Uncle Zester

I found it hard to not mention multiple Amager/US brewery’s collabs but as stated above this was just so different and perfectly done.

Best Overall Beer
Winner: Cloudwater – DIPA

The best British brewed IPA ever!

Best Branding
Winner: Omnipollo
Runner up: Cloudwater

Karl Grandin’s work compliments the exciting modern beer than Henok creates. Bold, simple and confidant. I love Cloudwater’s approach to branding, a simple and refined piece of design that allows the changing artwork to shine. Also my friend Hali did their Summer range.

Best Pumpclip
Winner: Cloudwater DIPA

Foil blocking…enough to make me go weak at the knees.

Best Bottle Label
Winner: Brewdog – Hinterland

I love Johanna Basford’s elegant inked lines. Elaborate, detailed and beautiful.

Best UK Brewery

This is a tricky one. Cloudwater have made some amazing beers, Magic Rock have created some stunning collabs this year, Brewdog have made some of the biggest beery highlights for me this year but then Beavertown’s overall performance along with a few new creations. What about Buxton? Siren? Aaaaaargh!

I’m going to say Beavertown.

Best Overseas Brewery
Winner: Omnipollo
Runner up: Amager Bryghus

I’ve already heaped praise on both these breweries. Well done Europe!

Pub/Bar of the Year
Winner: WarPigs (Copenhagen)

During our holiday in Copenhagen in April we visited this Mikkeller/Three Floyds brewpub a number of times I enjoyed every moment. Great beer, tasty meat and Mikkel was even hanging about. Loved it, one of my most memorable beer drinking experiences ever.

Best New Brewery Opening 2015
Winner: Cloudwater
Runner up: Vocation

Vocation’s Life and Death has become my “go to” beer, brilliant stuff. Cloudwater, cool, approachable, creative, original.

Best New Pub/Bar Opening 2015
Winner: Magic Rock Tap

The guys at Magic Rock have managed to transplant a little piece of the West Coast of the states into an industrial unit in West Yorkshire. Authentic and fun.

Beer Festival of the Year
Winner: Leeds International Beer Festival

Indy Man is the WrestleMainia of beer fests but Leeds International I think beat them this year with great diversity and a massive range. Plus I had a beer on tap (Oh I had one on at Indy Man too didn’t I….*pats self on back*

Supermarket of the Year

Bloody hell, have you seen their range? Have you seen the prices?

Independent Retailer of the Year
Winner: The Triangle (Shipley)
Runner up: Little Leeds Beer House

My friendly neighborhood bottle shop, love those guys. No other bottle shop involves itself with the wider beer scene than “Little Leeds”. An evolving range that is always interesting

Online Retailer of the Year
Winner: Brewdog

I’ve probably bought more beer online from Brewdog than any other shop weather it’s their own brews or the great selection of guests.

Best Beer Book or Magazine
Winner: Hop & Barley

A beautifully designed magazine, “white space” makes my heart flutter.

Simon Johnson Award for Best Beer Twitterer
Winner: @twattybeer

AKA Broadford Brewer, AKA Dave Bishop. Pen and paper Comedy gold.

Best Beer Blog or Website
Winner: Beer O’Clock Show

The Beer O’Clock Show podcast is a ray of sunshine on my Monday morning commutes. I love Steve and Mark’s dynamic, funny, enthusiastic and honest. Great interview, banter and guests. The highlight of my week.