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Golden Pints 2016

Best UK Cask Beer
Winner: Magic Rock – Common Grounds
Runner up: Wild Beer Co – Millionaire

Cask is where lower abv stouts really shine and weather its coffee and salted caramel I love a sweet flavoured dark beer.

UK Keg Beer

Winner: Hawkshead / Cigar City – Tiramisu Imperial Stout
Runners up: Wild Beer Co – Trendy Juice, Siren – Ten Dollar Shake

It came quite late in the year but this beauty from Hawkshead kept me coming back for multiple halfs at North Bar one afternoon.

Best UK Bottled Beer

Winner: Hawkshead – Tiramisu Imperial Stout
Runner up: Cloudwater – Citra IPA

I had one and had to get more…of both beer.

Best UK Canned Beer

Winner: Four Pure – Juice Box

Runners up: Magic Rock – Wayniac, Beavertown – Spresso

I probably drank more Juice Box than any other beer in the summer of 2016.

Best Overseas Draught

Winner: Omnipollo – Noa
Runner up: Garage Beer Project – Slinger IPA

During The Omnipollo tap takeover at Little Leeds Beer House I drank as much Noa as humanly possible. Thick, rich and luscious.

While on holiday in Barcelona nothing impressed me more than a glass of fresh Slinger IPA at Garage Beer Project’s city centre location.

Best Overseas Bottled Beer
Winner: Omnipollo – Anagram

Best Overseas Canned Beer
Winner: Other Half – Simcoe + Wai Iti

A friend brought me this back along side a can of the much lorded Trillium but I have to say this one blew my socks off…and Im not usually a fan of simcoe. Murky bomb, juice bomb FLAVOUR BOMB!

Best collaboration brew
Winner: Hawkshead / Cigar City – Tiramisu Imperial Stout

Best Overall Beer
Winner: Omnipollo – Anagram

Blueberry Chessecake imperial stout, do I need to say much more? To quote a friend its a real “flavour memory”.

Best Branding

Winner: Magic Rock
Runner up: Omnipollo

Richard Norgate has given Magic Rock’s brand a new lease of life with his work on the latest run of 500ml cans.

Best Pumpclip / Bottle / can Label
Winner: Magic Rock – Wayniac

Psychedelic Frankenstein coolness

Best UK Brewery

Winner: Magic Rock

Runners up – Northern Monk and Cloudwater

The core range is banging, Common Grounds has become my go-to dark beer, the 500ml cans are fantastic, Unhuman fulfilled the hype in 2016. They continue to set the bar in the UK beer scene.

Best Overseas Brewery

Winner: Omnipollo
Runner up: Hill Farmstead

I like beer that doesn’t taste like beer and Henok make tasty innovative beverages that happen to be made using hops, malt, yeast and water. The big sweet stouts have lead the charge but the latest versions of Fatamorgana were a murky marvel.

Pub/Bar of the Year

Winner: Magic Rock Tap

Inviting, cool, great beer, fun events. A the UK’s number 1 beer destination!

Best New Brewery Opening 2016

Winner: Verdant Brewing Co
Runner up: Odyssey Brewing Co

When I first had Verdant I wasn’t sold but Pulp and Even Sharks Need Water have made me a believer (plus the last batch of Lightbulb was lovely too). Mitch over at Odyssey is the most unassuming man making some of the most punchy beer in the UK. Odyssey have created a buzz on good beer and word of mouth.

Best New Pub/Bar Opening 2016
Winner: Pilcrow Pub (Manchester)

Beer Festival of the Year
Winner: Indy Man Beer Con

Supermarket of the Year

I seldom buy beer at a supermarket but when I do its usually at Booths.

Independent Retailer of the Year

Winner: Little Leeds Beer House
Runner up: The Triangle (Shipley) , Rayneville Superstore (Leeds)

I love my local bottle shop (Triangle) so much but Rich and Bryony have created such a fun and welcoming place the buy beer, drink beer and attend cool events. The weekend they served a bunch of Ominpollo beers I think I visited four times. Always on the ball with the latest releases. Good people and good beer.


Best Beer Book or Magazine
Winner: Ferment

Simon Johnson Award for Best Beer Twitterer

Simon Johnson Award for Best Beer Communicator
Winner: @tastingnitch

Nitch has really kicked 2016 in the dick! Loads of fun content. Morning Beer with her uber-chic Parisian disheveled bed-head, weekly World Beer News bringing you the weird and wonderful beer stories from all around the world. Someone you want to follow on social media because she’s does cool stuff and is lots of fun.

Best Beer Blog or Website
Winner: Beer O’Clock Show – Hopinions

Runners up: Beernomicon

As Mark retreats to the comforting glow of his PC screen Steve was joined by Martin is carve out a new future of audio beer entertainment. Fun chat, impassioned, informed, (h)opinionated, grumpy Steve, cheery Martin, silly-excited Steve. Love it