Triple Chocoholic

Saltaire Brewery

Triple Saltaire-a-holic!

Reviewed by RD

4.8% ABV

Colour: Jet-black opaque stout with a solid looking finger of beige head with bags of lacing that retained until the end. Hooray for torrified wheat and the use of a sparkler.

Nose: The majority of the nose is made up of chocolate aromas. Once again just like the Shakespeare Stout it’s not dark and rich. It reminds me very much of milky hot drinking chocolate.

Taste: This has a very pleasing mouthfeel, creamy and smooth. Lots of chocolate from chocolate malts, real chocolate and chocolate syrups. I spotted a brief hint of raisins. There is some lively carbonation before a little bite of hop bitterness on a very clean aftertaste.

Overall Experience: I am a proud “Saltaire-ian”, I live there, I love the output of this brewery. I’ve never had a bad beer from them. Everything is very good to outstanding.
This is a rare review of a cask ale; most reviews we tend to do are bottled beers. But I ran into this seasonal offering at The Victoria pub in Saltaire. This beer is beautifully balanced, velvety and easy drinking. A drinkable stout at such a low ABV is a very valuable commodity. It has the correct blend of chocolate and beery goodness. A great beer and a great brewery.

Post Review Comment from MT: I had some of this last year and really enjoyed it. Totally agree with Rob, Saltaire Brewery are great and we’re very fortunate to have them on our doorstep. I remember noting that this beer had the right amount of chocolate for a chocolate-based beer. Perhaps more of a Bourneville style chocolate with a slight bitter edge but thankfully not too sweet.

It’s only a matter of time before we get to make the tasting and review notes for the superb “Hazelnut Coffee Porter” which could even bag a Gold Standard.

You can now buy bottles of Triple Chocoholic on-line at

4 comments to Triple Chocoholic

  • 4.8% isn't a low alcohol Stout in my book, I home brew a cracking 4.1% with a good bit of Crystal malts (wheat & Barley)… has lots of body and good complex Roasted elements.
    I've not tried the Triple Choc just yet, will do at the Beer Club.

  • Rob

    4.8% not low alcohol? You should have a look in my beer cupboard! I must have put together an impressive selection on premium strength stouts? Most I have are 7% upwards!

    Thanks for the comment and I'll probably see you down the Beer Club at the end of the month. It just a walk down the canal.

  • I'm not a massive fan of this, there's something slightly saccarhine about the chocolate – could it be brewed with a flavouring rather than chocolate/crystal malts? I'm not sure. But the Hazelnut Coffee Porter is spot on.

  • Ian

    I had a few pints of this at GBBF, it is a fantastig brew, going to my local real ale off licence to see if he can get some for me.

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