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Roundtable tasting

When you’ve got a good selection of beers that need drinking (and they’re not 10% ABV beasts!), you need a roundtable.

These four beers were generously supplied by Rich at
They are from the previous quarter’s box for the 52 Week Beer Club. 52 Week Beer Club

First up…
Autumn Daze, Three Castles Brewery, 4.4% ABV

RD: A Solid British bitter with a mouthful of bready malt. The good spurt of spritzy carbonation keeps it fresh and is followed by a little bitterness from Kentish hops. Before it ends on a clean wet finish.

MT: Pleasantly surprised with this. It’s a nutty chestnut bitter. Good for an autumn’s day, probably would be just the ticket after a stroll in the woods with wet brown leaves underfoot.

The second beer was…
PenLon Best Bitter, Penlon Cottage Brewery 4.0% ABV

RD: It poured cloudy amber and looked like a still, strong cider. A rather fruity flavour like the tined mandarins my Grandma used to keep in her cupboard. There is some underlying yeast that reminds me of a certain quality you find in a Belgian blonde. One thing that lets it down is that it’s a little flat and maybe sour more than bitter.

MT: There’s a slight sour bitterness to it, much akin to a lighter easy going version of Leffe blonde. This isn’t really my bag personally but if you like your Belgian blondes then this might interest you.

The third craft beer up to the marks was…
The Bounder, Leatherbritches Brewery 4.0%ABV


RD: This is probably the palest beer I’ve ever seen, a nose full of lemon and lime sorbet. It looks like a lively glass of Perry. A pleasing taste of tart citrus and subtle bitter hops. Kind of like sucking a sherbet lemon with a hint of biscuit malt. A great summery beer, ideal to sup in the sun with a BBQ.

MT: A real citrus blast eminating from the glass! Had this aroma like a lemon Fairy Liquid, but the beer version of it (ie. no real hint of soap!). Slightly bitter and a prominent lime flavour which might make it matchable with a curry or spicy food in general.

And finally…
Strikes Back, Empire Brewery, 4.0% ABV

RD: A very pale golden colour with a surprising amount of carbonation. Citrus and buttery malt on the palette with plenty of cleansing carbonation before a hint of hop bitterness. Its not going to change the world, but I can’t say I didn’t like it.

MT: Don’t really have much to say on this, Rob’s echoed what I was going to say. It wasn’t offensive by any means but just an average English bitter.

Concluding: The pick of this roundtable was “The Bounder”. A unique-tasting summery pale ale with character! It was up against some stiff competition as most of these beers were all quite good.

For more information about these beers please check out
The 52 Week Beer Club is a great idea and fantastic value. I just bought my father-in-law one for his 60th Birthday. Ok, shill over, back to some great real ale.(RD)

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