HopZine.com is a beer review and discussion site devoted to tasting the worlds greatest ales and drinking in great pubs and places. Also, and perhaps more than that initial sentence, it’s about the editors and their journey through beer.

Anyway, enough blurb! Who’s behind all this?

Rob Derbyshire (RD) [Editor]

I’m the writer/blogger and face of HopZine both here on social media and of course YouTube.

I’m a passionate beer enthusiast, CAMRA member and keg beer drinker. I love everything about this beery world the people, community and most importantly the stuff in my glass.

I’ve judged beer for both SIBA and CAMRA and have been lucky enough to brew a beer with one of my favourite breweries BrewDog.


Matt Taylor (MT) [Co-Founder]

Searching through the archives of HopZine your will see “MT” credited to reviews, these are the handy work of co-founder Matt Taylor. HopZine was Matt’s idea and I owe him a lot…an empty bank balance, an expanding waistline and a outlet for my interest in beer.

A number of years ago Matt took a back seat at HopZine but is instrumental with the upkeep and technical side of the website, I’m useless with the stuff but he’s a tech-wizard.

Still enjoys a good beer. Without Matt HopZine would never have happened and because of him it continues to live.

Cheers buddy!