Brooklyn Brewery Pop up bar, Leeds

A small green “B” next to the door of an unused building in Leeds city center marks the location of Brooklyn Brewery’s Pop-Up bar.

This place is/was a secret, a mystery, I had to scratch around online to get any available scraps to find out where it was.


On arrival I was met […click the heading to read more]

Sorachi Ace

Brooklyn Brewery

7.6% abv

Me and the Sorachi Ace hop have a chequered history, I hated it when I first tried it in BrewDog’s first set of IPA is Dead beers and since then have never got on with it. It’s that odd bubblegum, synthetic strawberry and mint ice cream flavour I get from […click the heading to read more]

Brooklyn Lager

Brooklyn Brewery

The Sparrow … On Tap is a regular (weekly I hope) feature. The Sparrow is a new beer bar in Bradford, I work in Bradford and love to visit this fabulous bar. They offer a great range of beers and in The Sparrow … On Tap I will highlight one […click the heading to read more]