Beer Hunting

London to Gent and all stops in-between

Part One – London

Utobeer – Best Place to buy beer in London. The Rake – The best place to drink beer in London

Due to an early EuroStar train from St Pancras International on Saturday morning we booked a B&B in London on Friday night

As […click the heading to read more]

Wheat Stout

Crown Brewery

Brewed by a man who enjoys a good cheese sandwich

Reviewed by RD

6.6 % ABV

Colour: Wheat Stout…that’s a new one for me, but it poured just like I hoped. Pitch black and with an impressive foamy head with a strong mid brown color.

Nose: A big aroma wafted […click the heading to read more]

Indian Pale Ale


Two experts, one wonderful IPA

Reviewed by RD

7.2% ABV

Colour: From the bottle this poured a cloudy mid to dark copper with very little head. But what head did appear was off white and creamy. Pass me the sprinkler and put a head on it!

Nose: A great nose, […click the heading to read more]

Sam Berry’s

Crown Brewery

Who is Sam Berry?

Reviewed by RD

5.1% ABV

Colour: Very pale yellow with a hint of green. A few bits of sediment appear despite a very delicate pour. A brief foamy white head formed on top but receded to a fine film after a few seconds

Nose: A certain woody […click the heading to read more]

Unpronounceable IPA



7.0% ABV

Reviewed by RD

Colour: This British IPA cascaded into a sniffter a dull golden colour with two fingers of pure white foamy head.

Nose: Piney hops dominate by the sack load. A little yeast funk is then backed up by more butter, bread and biscuit malt. To start off […click the heading to read more] home

Oktoberfest may have ended a number of weeks ago but it is in full swing this evening at my house in Saltaire! […click the heading to read more]