Open it!

A HopZine roundtable

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I’m guilty as the next beer geek for hoarding bottles of fine and rare beer. One thing my cupboard lacks is sessions ales but has an abundance of Imperial Stouts, Barleywines and Belgian Quads. So when Andy Mogg and Mark Dredge proposed the idea of Open […click the heading to read more]

Snake Dog IPA

Flying Dog Brewery This beer is certainly worth recommending so keep your eye out for it and give it a go if you get the chance […click the heading to read more]

Raging Bitch

Flying Dog Brewery It is a rare gem and certainly one of the most memorable beers of the Flying Dog range at the moment (probably why it’s the special 20th Anniversary beer!). This is the perfect beer to prove to lager drinkers that there’s a magical world of beer out there and it needs exploring! […click the heading to read more]