Drinking in Leeds/Bradford keeps getting better


Much like the River Aire, the beer scene in the Leeds/Bradford Area never stops moving as exciting, new breweries and pubs frequent the landscape. Bradford’s front runner in the scene is The Sparrow. Since it opened in 2012 The Sparrow has been the place to go to get your fix of flavoursome, modern […click the heading to read more]

Mary Jane

Ilkley Brewery

"Mary Jane" by Rick James fond memories of my Uni days.

3.5% ABV

Reviewed by RD

Colour: Very clean, pale straw colour with a plentiful and foamy white head.

Nose: Bready, Zesty bitter lemon, wet grass, freshly dug earth and coriander appears in a light but pleasant aroma.

Taste: Wet and refreshing […click the heading to read more]