Clown Juice

Magic Rock Brewing Co

7.0% abv

This hand-bottled serving of Magic Rock’s new draft only release is their brand new Belgian Wit beer influenced Clown Juice India Wit Ale. Magic Rock have taken that traditional Belgian/Dutch style beer and given it a hop-fueld enema!

The beer in the glass was pale yellow with a […click the heading to read more]

Bourbon Barrel Bearded Lady

Magic Rock Brewing

10.5% abv

Here is a video that is rather special for a number of reasons. This was the first chance to drink Magic Rock’s brand new Bourbon Barrel Bearded Lady in the UK. Their wonderful Imperial stout matured in a single use (I think that’s right?) Bourbon Barrel for 6 months.

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Magic 8 ball Black IPA

Magic Rock Brewing

7.0% abv

This is a review of two halves. The bottle in the video was super fresh, had only been back at the brewery 3 days before I recorded that that review. I’m now drinking another bottle from the same batch about 3-4 weeks later.I’ll be interested (and hope you […click the heading to read more]

Bearded Lady – Imperial Brown Stout

Magic Rock Brewing

10.5% abv

After pouring from the beautifully adorned bottle I was treated to a dark brown beer with the creamist brown head I’ve seen in ages. Deep roasted malts lead the way, coffee, a hint of milk chocolate, port, and a waft of nostril-tingling alocohol at the back end.

In the […click the heading to read more]

Human Cannonball

Magic Rock Brewing

9.2% abv

In the glass this British brewed/ American style double IPA is a super clear looking deep amber colour and produces an impressive head of eggshell coloured foam. The nose is a beautifully sumptuous aroma of mango and apricot, an intoxicating scent. In the mouth the beer is big and […click the heading to read more]

Dark Arts

Magic Rock Brewing

When I started to type these notes I was sat in the dark…its some how seemed suitable and then after about 5 seconds I thought that was ridicules and turn on the light after all, I couldn’t see what the hell I was doing.

Hello Dave! YOU'RE MY WIFE NOW! […click the heading to read more]

High Wire West Coast Pale Ale

Magic Rock Brewing Co

5.5% ABV

Brewed in West Yorkshire, influenced by the West Coast

Reviewed by RD

Magic Rock Brewing Co are a new brewery based on the outskirts of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Owned by two brothers Richard and Johnathan Burhouse they found a kindred spirit in the shape of brewer Stuart […click the heading to read more]


Magic Rock Brewing Co.

The Sparrow … On Tap is a new weekly feature. The Sparrow is a new beer bar in Bradford, I work in Bradford and love to visit this fabulous bar. They offer a great range of beers and in The Sparrow … On Tap I will […click the heading to read more]