Vuur & Vlam / Fire & Flame

Marble Beers

American style IPA brewed in Manchester for a festival in The Netherlands.

7.2% ABV

Reviewed by RD

Appearance: A pale golden IPA with an impressive stream of bubbles rocketed from the base of the glass, loads of effervescence. On top formed a big head of white soapy bubbles that burst and left […click the heading to read more]


Marble Beers

5.9% ABV

Reviewed by RD

Appearance: A dark straw coloured or pale “Old Gold” ale with a foamy white head that retained to the end. For your information “Old Gold” is the colour Wolverhampton Wanderers play in. I always remembered it being in darker, but I guess it’s just darker than Marble […click the heading to read more]


Marble Beers

8.7% ABV

Reviewed by MT & RD

I think we’ve lauded more than enough praise on Marble already, that said we’re voluntarily obliged to give you our thoughts on yet another superb Marble beer.

Exit light, enter Decandence!

Colour: Stout dark with a sparse light brown head that dissipated fairly quickly.

[…click the heading to read more]

Marble Mild (Brew 1691)

Marble Beers


6% ABV

Reviewed by RD

When I heard this beer would be appearing at the Mild, Cider and Perry Festival at The Rat and Ratchet in Huddersfield I asked one of Marble’s brewers Dominic Driscoll about it.

Brewer’s notes: Well, it’s definitely Marble beer, but not as we know it. 25% […click the heading to read more]

Another trip to the Marble Arch

And Sinking the Bismarck on the way home!

“How much beer and conversation can you squeeze into two and a half hours?

Answer: Quite a lot. Come On!”


A return to the promised land. Marble, not Manchester.

That was a tweet I sent on the train home from Manchester Saturday afternoon, a few […click the heading to read more]

'Stouter' Port Stout

Marble Beers

If you said I could only drink Marble beers for the rest of my life I’d be happy!

Reviewed by RD

5.1% ABV

Colour: A fine looking beer, pretty much opaque. A very dark brown body with a reddish tint. A very handsome creamy cappuccino head sat on top until the end.

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Manchester Bitter

Marble Beers

Reviewed by MT


4.2% ABV

My fourth and final #beerswap review!

Colour: Clear golden colour with a reasonable white head.

Nose: A sweet citrus hop blast. You can smell the bready malt on the side of it but there’s really an air to it that gives you the impression that it’s […click the heading to read more]

Tawny No.3

Marble Beers


5.7% ABV

Reviewed by MT

Colour: This poured a copper colour with a creamy off-white head.

Nose: A toffee penny smell following a blast of citrus. Strong on the nose but very exciting! This had me brimming with anticipation!

Taste: Nutty. Massively nutty! Behind that is the caramel malt and a […click the heading to read more]

Marble Beers

Marble Arch Inn

Reviewed by RD & MT

Both us HopZiners (Rob and Matt) had been waiting for this day for months. Two of our favorite past times brought together over a weekend in November…Fighting and Drinking. I’m not a fighter so to speak but we are both certainly drinkers. UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) were […click the heading to read more]